Hygiena Help Changelog

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2018 - 08 - 14

feature Initial Release of Hygiena Help.

featureAdvanced Documentation implemented.

featureAdvanced FAQ implemented.

featureAdvanced Knowledge Base implemented.

featureAdvanced Video Portfolio implemented.

featureAdvanced Live Chat implemented.

featureAdvanced Download Center implemented.

featureSupport Community implemented.

featureMultilingual Support implemented.

featureInitial Release of Hygiena Help admin portal.

featureAdvanced Help Desk implemented.

featureSimple Help Center implemented.

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Member login panel aded to main navigation bar.
Frontend ticket submission implemented.
Frontend ticket management implemented.
SureTrend 4 documentation completed.
SureTrend 4 knowledge base completed.
SureTrend 4 FAQ completed.
SureTrend 4 video tutorials completed.
EnSURE Touch Getting Started page completed.
Various tweaks and other additions.