EnSURE, SystemSURE Plus

How do I contact Hygiena to purchase an ATP solution?

Hygiena products are available worldwide. We have a direct sales staff in the USA, UK and parts of Europe, and Asia. Hygiena also has a network of dedicated distributors and agents across the globe, covering over 80 countries. Hygiena’s sales team and distributors have specific skills and experience in providing products in the food processing market, particularly ATP bioluminescence and its applications. 

Why are Hygiena’s products so much more cost effective?

Hygiena strives to create easier-to-use, more cost-effective products for its clients. By partnering with leading manufacturing companies and using state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes in house, Hygiena is able to create superior cost-effective products. A perfect example of this is our ATP bioluminescence product line. It incorporates Medical Packaging’s patented user-friendly and environmentally-friendly Snap-Valve™ technology, which allows us to create an easy-to-use sample test device that uses less plastic than our competition and has superior performance. Combining this with our unique liquid-stable reagents allows us to have a complete all-in-one sample testing device that has better performance and costs a lot less.

I accidentally placed a wet swab into the read chamber. How can I clean the instrument?

One of the great features of Hygiena’s EnSURE and SystemSURE Plus is the removable read chamber that can be hand washed in the event of situations like these. To remove the read chamber, open the lid of the system, and insert your finger into the read chamber, and pull it out. The read chamber can be washed with warm soapy water and allowed to air dry. Once completely dry, the read chamber may be replaced in the system. See more info about the removable read chamber and other convenient features here.

Why do I sometimes get 1-4 RLU with the negative control in the Calibration Control Kit?

Though very rare, there are a few conditions under which Hygiena luminometers can occasionally measure very low RLU levels. Most commonly, this is due to debris on the swab or in the read chamber, or when swabs or controls are exposed to bright light for extended periods of time just prior to use. The read chamber can be removed and hand-washed and you can refer to product instructions for proper swab storage. Another uncommon scenario which may cause an unexpected RLU reading on negative samples is when there is a static charge on the swab device before insertion in the luminometer. If you experience unexpected RLU measurements, contact a technical representative for help troubleshooting.

I’m getting lower than expected results. What is wrong?

Almost all unexpected results can be resolved by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Have my swabs been stored at the correct temperatures and are within the expiration date? Swabs that have been stored incorrectly for prolonged periods of time may not perform as expected.  
  2. Am I holding the meter upright when taking measurement? Holding the meter upright ensures that the sensor at the bottom of the machine can see and quantify the light reaction accurately.
  3. Am I overloading the swab? Swabbing too larger of an area may result in picking up physical debris. This debris will inhibit the light reaction, giving lower than expected results.
  4. Is the read chamber dirty? A dirty read chamber could also block light from reaching the sensor. To check your read chamber, open the lid of your system, and use the vertical plastic tab to pull the read chamber out of the meter. (You may also find that pushing your pinky finger into the chamber, then lifting it out works easier for you.) If you see any water spots or debris on the clear plastic tip of the read chamber, you may wash the read chamber with warm water and a very mild detergent and then let it air dry. Ensure the chamber is completely dry before replacing in the meter. If the read chamber has physical damage like cracks, or scratches on the clear plastic tip, contact customer service to order a replacement read chamber. 

 If these tips do not resolve the problem, contact technical support.

Why do EnSURE and SystemSURE Plus come pre-programmed with Pass/Fail limits of 10 and 30?

The pre-programmed limits for food and beverage facilities are based on years of data, experience, and third part studies. Hygiena recommends that users validate these recommendations and adjust them to meet each facility’s unique needs. To see the data or learn more, download this ATP Thresholds Technical Document.

How do I erase the results off the handheld?

There are two ways to erase the results off the handheld.

Using SureTrend 4

If you are using SureTrend software, simply plug connect your luminometer to your computer and navigate to the Sync tab at the top.  Before clicking the Sync button make sure Erase Results is checked at the top and you have the process set to Complete Process.

Manually from the device

  1. Power on the unit  and press the menu button 
  2. Scroll up  5 times to the Memory section to see if any results are on the unit.
  3.  If there are, press the  OK button
  4. Press and hold the menu button for 2 seconds. 
  5. Press and hold the OK button until all results have been erased. 

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