CalCheck Negative Control Failing


If when reading an unactivated ATP test, an activated ATP test that hasn’t swabbed a surface or running the negative calibration check with the CalCheck results > 4 RLUs there could be some light leakage into the chamber or some phosphorescing material in the chamber around the sensor. Some good examples are:

1. EnSURE Touch lid is not closing completely and or the lid is damaged.

2. The read chamber plug at the bottom of the EnSURE Touch is not screwed all the way into the base of the unit.

3. Cracks in the case. While the EnSURE Touch has a light-tight inner chamber it is possible cracks of broken parts of the case could allow light into the chamber.
4. Phosphorescing or light-emitting material has gotten into the chamber by the sensor and dried to the surface. This can include:
a. Chemistry from the ATP devices if the device was not used correctly and chemistry from the device was able to get on reading chamber walls. Example: placing the EnSURE Touch on a flat surface while the device is still in the chamber.
b. If the user added their own white labels to the CalCheck control calibration device. (White labels will generate RLU signal)
5. To detect a light entering the chamber have everything ready to run the test and shut the lights off for complete darkness to verify that there is no light entering the chamber.

6. If your unit is still failing please see our How to Clean your instrument related article below and then repeat the test.

If you still need help click here to submit a ticket for technical support.