Excluding Plans and Locations on EnSURE Touch

Once an Ensure Touch instrument is registered to a specific site in an account all the plans and locations associated with that site will be downloaded to the instrument.

Where only specific plans and locations from the site are required these can be excluded from an instrument and only specific plans and locations downloaded to the instrument when the Ensure Touch instrument is synchronized.

This allows Plans and Locations that are not required to be downloaded to one instrument registered to the site but these still will be downloaded to another instrument registered to the same site.

In this scenario, different plans and locations can be used on different instruments where this is required.

Excluding Plans /Locations from specific Ensure Touch instruments.

To exclude plans or locations from a specific instrument log onto Sure Trend Cloud and select Instrument in the Top Bar Menu

Once in the instrument option Tap the Ensure Touch serial number of the instrument you need to edit Plans or locations for.

Select the Plan or Location Tab depending on what needs to be excluded from the instrument.

On the Exclude column tick the Exclude box of the plans you do not want to appear on the Ensure Touch instrument.

Once the checkbox is ticked this will be automatically saved and when the instrument is next synchronized the changes will be made to the instrument and excluded plans or locations removed




At a later date if the plan or location needs to be replaced on the Ensure Touch instrument follow the procedure above but uncheck the excluded box for the plan or location and synchronize the Ensure Touch instrument.

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