How To Clean The Instrument


One of the unique design features of EnSURE™ Touch is the ability to easily access the read chamber for cleaning. Hygiena instruments are some of the only systems that have this important design feature. With all luminometers, if used correctly, no contamination should enter the read chamber. However, user error, flawed swab   with other systems and the environment in which systems are used makes a contaminated read chamber a possibility.


Steps to Clean

1.)  Remove the plug at the bottom of the EnSURE ™ Touch with the tool supplied or if you lost the tool, a phillips (flat head) screwdriver or a large coin would work as well.


2.)  Wet the tip of a Q-Tip or pipe cleaner with water or isopropanol alcohol. Do not use cleaning chemicals on the cloth or pipe cleaner. Clean the inside read chamber so that nothing is clouding the sensor window. There are two sensors in the unit, one sensor is for the device detection located halfway in the chamber, and the other sensor is the photodiode which generates the RLU values and is located at the bottom of the chamber.


3.)  Allow water or isopropanol alcohol to dry.

4.)  Screw back on the reading chamber cap and make sure it is fully closed but do not overtighten. The cap should be flush with the bottom of the instrument.


Additional Helpful Information

Cleaning the EnSURE™ Touch External surfaces

EnSURE™ Touch when used in sterile or very clean environments will require the instrumentation to be microorganism free. The instrument is not certified as water resistant but can be cleaned with wipes.  Typical cleaners would include bleach (HYPE-WIPE® 1% sodium hypochlorite, greater than 5500ppm bleach), Isopropyl Alcohol, other disinfectant wipe ( such as Sani-Cloth® including 0.5% ammonium chlorides / Quat Alcohol cleaners such as Clorox – up to 25% Isopropyl Alcohol and less than .5% ammonium chlorides).  Virkon, an Oxone based sanitizer similar to OxyClean is also acceptable.


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