Managing the Security Feature for Ensure Touch™ from the Cloud


This step by step process will teach you how to enable your security feature on the EnSURE Touch from the SureTrend™ Cloud application. The security feature forces users to sign in with a username and pin code and makes it easier for you to manage your EnSURE Touch users. Here are the easy steps needed to activate this feature from SureTrend Cloud.



1.  Sign into SureTrend Cloud

2. Once you have signed in go to the Instrument tab

3. Now select the user’s tab in the middle of the options.

4. Under the user’s section, select the add button to create a new user.

5. The User’s dialog box will now open for you to enter the user’s information Note: Remember to write down their pin number!

The account owner will need to look up your pin in SureTrend Cloud if forgotten.

6. Now you will see the added user in the list of users!

7. Now that the user is added please go to the settings tab and enable the security. Note: You can also adjust when the screen times out.

8. Once you added all your users you will need to Sync your EnSURE Touch in order for the changes to take effect.



You are now complete! If you need further assistance please click here to request technical support.