Migrating -Locations, Plans and Data from Sure Trend 3 to Sure Trend Cloud

The process to migrate from Sure Trend 3 Software to Sure Trend Cloud involves a stepped migration path that requires the import of data to  Sure Trend 4 from Sure Trend 3 software and then export of data from Sure Trend 4 to Sure Trend Cloud.

(Backup copies of the Sure Trend 3 (ds3) and Sure Trend 4 (sdf)  should be made databases are made a precaution)

1 Before starting instruments need to have been synchronised and all data uploaded to the Sure Trend 3 software database so all results will be migrated.

2 SureTrend 4 software will need to be downloaded and installed. The most recent version of  SureTrend 4 software can be downloaded here:


Sure Trend 3 to Sure Trend 4

3 Find and Copy the ST3 database location address.

This will be found on the ST3 software in Set-up /Preferences /Sure Trend Data File Option box as shown below.

4 Open the  Sure Trend 4 software and select the Admin Tab /Import Data.

5  The source should selected should be SureTrend 3.01 or Prior.

6 Paste the database address copied from ST3 in (Step 3 above) into the Location box.

7 Select Preview if you need to check the details.

8 Select  Import to add the data and the data should then import into ST4.

9  To Confirm the database has imported successfully to Sure Trend 4 – Select the Results tab.

10 Select All in the Period drop-down box.

11 Check data has been imported into the table.

SureTrend 4 to Sure Trend Cloud

12 You will have needed to create your new Sure Trend Cloud account.


13 Log in and open the Sure Trend cloud account that has been set up.

14 From  the Welcome page select the  Migrate from Sure Trend V4 option.

15 On the menu (Select the site if more than one has been set up) then map to the Sure trend sdf file.

(You can set an optional 4 digit pin which will prevent users without a pin synchronising the Ensure Touch instrument with security options set. You don’t need to set this if it’s  not needed )

16 Select Upload file to import the data.

Any previous uploads will be listed on the table below the import menu.

17 Check the result data has imported by selecting the Results Tab, relevant time period and the results table will be shown.


     If you need any further support click on the icon below.