Network Ports, IP Addresses, and Protocols


When the EnSURE Touch is registered with a SureTrend Cloud account it will sync with the SureTrend Cloud server when instructed to do so.  The EnSURE Touch must have an internet connection to reach SureTrend Cloud.  At no time does SureTrend Cloud try to reach the EnSURE Touch instrument unsolicited.  However, when the EnSURE Touch is instructed to sync with SureTrend Cloud it will use the ports and protocols listed below.


Software Updates 

The EnSURE Touch will update its application software over the internet.  The EnSURE Touch does not need to be registered with SureTrend Cloud to get software updates.  If the EnSURE Touch is not connected to the internet and can’t reach SureTrend Cloud it will not update the application software.  The application software size is about 5,000 KB.  The software is downloaded over https from

Time Service  

The EnSURE Touch has an onboard real-time clock (RTC) to maintain the time on the instrument.  There is also a super capacitor to maintain the RTC for 2 hours if the battery is removed or drained to 0.  This helps maintain the RTC during battery swapping.  Android will use NTP to keep the RTC current by default.  This can be changed to use or not update the RTC.


The EnSURE Touch comes with TeamViewer remote support client installed.  It is not active unless the user navigates to the Support screen and requests remote support.


Network Ports, Protocols, and IP Address 

EnSURE Touch 

For syncing data and software updates.

Port 443
Protocol https
DNS name
Static IP addresses N/A

Network Time Protocol (NTP) only used for Date & Time source.  Controlled in Settings/General/Date, set to internet by default.

Port 123
Protocol UDP
DNS name


TeamViewer is installed and can be used for remote support.  For more information regarding the ports and network protocols, click here.


SureTrend Cloud 

SureTrend Cloud is the website with the SureTrend Could web application.

Port 80
Protocol https

This is only used on the account creation page.