Register a New User


In this quick tutorial, you will learn how to add a user to an existing account. It is an easy process when done correctly and you can manage all users within a few clicks in the Cloud. 



1. Click on the Settings Tab


2. Click On User Management


3. Click on the Add Button


4. The New User box will open. You will need to fill every box out, Please make sure that you spell their name correctly and their email is accurate and their primary company Email address. Also, You are only allowed one owner per account. It is vital you do not accidentally assign them the owner position if one already exists.


5. You will know you are successful after you hit save and you see the new user on your users’ list like so:


6. An Email will be sent to the new user, they will be asked to sign in and create a password at this point.

Note: Please visit this article to help you understand the breakdown of roles within SureTrend Cloud

SureTrend Cloud Roles Breakdown


You are now complete!