SureTrend Cloud Roles Breakdown

SureTrend Cloud gives you the power to control access to your account and the data within. This is done with roles.

Every SureTrend Cloud account has an Owner. The owner is the individual who created the account. Owners have access to everything. They can create, read, update and delete.

Just below owners in the hierarchy is the Admin. Admins can do most things that owners can do but they only have access to the sites (facilities) that the owner grants them access to. Only owners can create admins.

The most basic role is the SureTrend Cloud (STC) User. An STC user only has read access and can only view data that pertains to the sites (facilities) for which they are enabled. Only admins or owners can create and manage STC users.

SureTrend Cloud backs up data and changes made so that if something is deleted or modified by accident, it can be recovered and it is possible to find out who made the change.