Uploading Logo images to an account , sites and locations using the logo and location image uploader.

Uploading company Logo

The Sure Trend Cloud system has a feature that allows a company to Upload a Logo to an account and also to the sites set up in the account.

Once uploaded the logo will appear on the Sure Trend Cloud reports and the report documents exported for printing.

Procedure to add a company logo.

Note – Only the Account owner will be able to add Logos to the account.

1 Log into the SureTrend account.

2 Select the Settings option on the top right-hand corner of the page.

3 Select Account management from the drop-down menu.

4 Select the Upload image Icon.

5 From Browse box that appears – select the company logo –

Note only .png / .jpg /.jpeg files can be uploaded. Image File sizes must be below 100 KB

6 Once the picture file is selected click open .

7 Check the Logo has uploaded.

8 If an image needs to be deleted click on the Trash icon can to remove it from the account

Uploading Site Logo

Once the company logo has been uploaded to the account, logos can be uploaded for the site(s) set up.

From the account management page scroll down to the Sites tables.

1 Click on the upload image icon in the Logo column for the specific site.

2 Using the browse box that appears to locate and select the logo.

3 Click on Open.

4 Check the Logo appears in the Logo column.

5 Repeat for other sites in the account if required.

Note – Different Logos can be uploaded for different sites.

Once uploaded the image will appear on reports that are generated

Uploading images to locations

Sure Trend Cloud also has an option to Upload images for Locations. These would typically be images of the test areas that are being sampled. This can provide guidance for sampling and also as a training aid to new users of the system.

Procedure to add an image to a location.

1 Log into Sure Trend Cloud.

2 Select the Instrument Tab and Site where a location is saved or to be created.3 Select the Location column and the location list will appear/create a new location if required.

4 Click on the Pencil icon to edit the location.

5 On the Edit menu box select the Upload image icon.

6 Browse and locate the image to be added and select open.

7 The image will appear in the edit menu.

8 Select save.

9 Check the image appears in the logo column. To view, the picture hover the cursor over the image to see a larger version.


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