User is unable to register instrument to SureTrend™ Cloud Account

User is unable to register the EnSURE Touch to SureTrend Cloud account, it is likely that the user is not enabled in the “site” for SureTrend Cloud

When creating a user in SureTrend Cloud, you need to assign the user to a “site”.  It is important to note that an EnSURE Touch user (someone who can log onto the instrument) is not equivalent to a SureTrend Cloud user.  An EnSURE Touch user performs testing on the instrument.  A SureTrend Cloud user can login to SureTrend Cloud to view testing data ana manage the SureTrend Cloud Account.  SureTrend users have different levels of access or permissions (owners, admin, users).  For more information on this, please review the EnSURE Touch User Manual (on the website).

A site is equivalent to a facility (for example, Hygiena Camarillo would be considered a site).

To add a user to a site follow the below instructions:-

  •  Login to SureTrend Cloud
  •  Open Settings >User Management (on the top right of the screen)
  •  You will see a list of SureTrend Cloud Users, email addresses and user role (owner, admin, user)
  •  Click on the user you would like to modify
  •  Below will be a list of sites
  •  Enable the user for all the sites they need to see and manage
  • The user is now enabled for the site(s), they can register the instrument to the site

To register the instrument to the SureTrend Cloud and site:-

  • Login to SureTrend Cloud
  • Click on Settings > Instrument Registration > Register instrument

It is important to note that programming information (locations and plans etc) is specific to each site.  This means that two instruments on the same site are by default clones of each other.  If you want to exclude a location from an instrument there is an “exclude” column with checkboxes in SureTrend Cloud (SureTrend Cloud > instrument > select instrument > click the exclude checkbox).

It is important to note that one instrument can only be registered to one site at a time.  If for whatever reason you want to change the site to which it is registered, you can do this from the instrument tab on SureTrend Cloud.

  • Synchronise the instrument to ensure all results have been uploaded to the SureTrend Cloud account
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the instrument
  • Select the drop-down from the site and you can select the appropriate site
  • Synchronise the instrument
  • The plans and locations will now change to the plans and locations associated with that new site.

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