Using Your Windows 10 Computer as a Wi-Fi Hotspot


  • Connecting the EnSure Touch to the internet will enable syncing with SureTrend Cloud. SureTrend Cloud brings additional features to the EnSure Touch.


  • Connecting the Ensure Touch to the internet is easy if you have access to WIFI. However not all customers have WIFI or experience low WIFI connection. This document will show how to connect the EnSure Touch to a Windows 10 Hotspot Features.


  • This Document assumes your Windows computer has an internet connection. Also, you need permissions to configure the Windows 10 Hotpot feature.       


  •  Using your Windows 10 computer as a hotspot is a built in feature of Windows 10. The Ensure Touch will connect to your Windows 10 computer over WIFI as a hotspot, and share the computer’s internet connection.

Microsoft support documentation is simple. The remainder of the document will example some of the details to improve your experience.


How to Enable Your Hotspot


Step 1 | On your Windows 10 Computer open your settings and select Network and Internet:










Step | 2 In the Network & Internet section select Mobile Hotspot.

Step | 3 Turn on the Hotspot button at the top



Your Windows 10 computer will now be linked to your Cell Phone’s Hotspot!