Adding a New/Replacement EnSURE Touch to a Site


This article will show you how to add a new or replacement EnSURE Touch to your SureTrend Cloud account.


  1. Login to SureTrend Cloud.
  2. Navigate to the Instrument Tab.
  3. Select ➕ located on the right hand side above the Instruments table.
  4. Enter an instrument name (optional), and select a Site. Note: If you only have a default site you will not need to select this.
    If this is a replacement instrument be sure to select the proper site so your plans and locations will sync.
  5. On the EnSURE Touch tap the Sync App and when prompted enter the Username and Code.
  6. Tap the sync now button to add your existing plans and locations.
    Note: Plans and Locations are linked by the site the instrument are assigned to.
  7. Your EnSURE Touch is now registered.