Product Selection instructions for EnSURE Touch


Product Selections allows you to choose what apps and test devices are available on the EnSURE Touch™. In addition to testing ATP the EnSURE Touch also allows you test Micosnap and Enzymes. This article will show you how enable or disable products from  EnSURE Touch and SureTrend Cloud.


EnSURE Touch

1. Touch the Settings App from the home screen. Next,
touch Customization.

2. Select Product Selections .

3. Select the product(s) you would like to enable/disable.

ATP Testing
Enable ATP products you would like to appear in the Device
Type drop-down field when performing testing.

Toggle this on if you would like to run MicroSnap tests. Once
turned on you’ll be able to select products in the MicroSnap
product line.

Toggle this on if you would like to run Enzyme tests. Once turned
on you’ll be able to select Hygiena enzyme tests.

Note: Microsnap and Enzymes application will not appear unless enabled.




SureTrend Cloud

1. Login to SureTrend Cloud.

2. Navigate to the Instrument tab.

3. Select the instrument you would like to manage products for.

4. Select Settings and then navigate to Product Selections.

5.  Click the name of the product you would like to manage.

6. If the product is disabled, check the box to enable it.

7. Select the test device you would like to enable.

8. Sync the S/N you selected and the new product selections will be reflected on your instrument.

If you need assistance with product selection please contact Hygiena Technical Support by clicking here.