Deactivating Sites in SureTrend Cloud


SureTrend Cloud allows users to separate data and registered instrument by sites.  You can create sites within the account management page.  To disable a site, each user in the account must have their access to that site disabled before the site can be deactivated.  This article will show the step by step process to deactivate a site.


Disable Site Access for Each User

  1. Log into SureTrend Cloud.
  2. Click Settings and select User Management.
  3. Click on a user in the User table.
  4. Click the toggle to disable the site access for the site that you want to deactivate.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for each user.

Deactivate the Site

  1. Click Settings and select Account Management.
  2. Click the toggle to deactivate the site.

    Note:  If you receive a message reading “You can’t disable a site that has testing data,” then one or more users still has access to the site.  Please repeat the steps in the first section to disable access for all users in the account.


If you require further assistance with managing sites in SureTrend Cloud, please contact Hygiena Technical Support by clicking here.