Optimal Power Management Settings for your EnSURE™ Touch

Optimal Display and Power Settings

  1. From the Home Screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Display & Power Off.
  4. Adjust the Display & Power Off settings as listed below.
    • Set Display Brightness to 40% or less.​
    • Set Display Timeout to 1-5 minutes.​
    • Set Power Off After Display Timeout to Off.
    • Set Power Off Daily at to Off.

Power Saving Recommendations

  • Letting the screen sleep between tests or putting the screen to sleep by pressing the power button once will extend the battery charge.​
  • Turn the Wi-Fi off while the device is in use can help to increase the battery life on your luminometer. You only need the Wi-Fi on when syncing, updating the software, or getting remote technical support.
    • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap the toggle to turn Wi-Fi off.
  • Make certain that the EnSURE Touch is properly powered off after use by holding the power for about 1-2 seconds then selecting Power Off from the menu that appears.
  • Enabling the ‘After Display Timeout’ and/or the ‘Daily At’ will result in your luminometer automating the shutdown process thus requiring a power reset sequence to reinitiate the operating system. If pressing the power button does not initiate the operating system, please try a 12 second hold on the power button.

If you are having trouble with the battery life on your EnSURE Touch, please contact Hygiena Technical Support for assistance.

Blurred or Distorted EnSURE Touch Screens


The EnSURE Touch has an electrical component that handles the communication between the system and the screen.  This component is sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies, like radio waves and wireless communication signals.

When the instrument displays a blurred, pixelated screen, this likely due to RF interference.  The electrical components in the EnSURE Touch are susceptible to radio frequencies ranging from 100MHz to 500MHz.  When RF waves are introduced to the instruments in proximity (i.e. radio or handheld transceiver is activated near the instrument), the signals interfere with the communication between the hardware and the screen becomes blurred.

Refresh the Display

  1. Press the power button to turn off the display.
  2. Remove any sources of RF interference like handheld transceivers or other radios within proximity of the instrument.
  3. Press the power button to turn on the display.
  4. If the screen remains blurry there may be other sources of RF interference. Try moving to another location where there are no RF signals and repeat this process.
  5. If you are unable to correct the blurred screen using the steps listed here, contact Hygiena Technical Support.

Contact Hygiena Technical Support for further assistance.