Languages available on EnSURE Touch luminometer.


As of May 2021 EnSUREā„¢ Touch has a total 20 languages available for users to select from which are English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Chinese traditional (Hong Kong), Russian, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Romanian, Czech.

*Note: Hygiena is working on adding more languages in to the list, to make sure you have the most current list please verify that you have the most updated software version by going to Settings>About>Software>Check for update.


Steps to change language settings:

To locate this list or if you want to change the language on your EnSURE Touch follow the steps below:


1.Tap Settings.


2.Tap General.


3.Tap on Language


4.Select your language from the list.


5.Confirm your selected language.