EnSURE™ Touch Only Reads 0 RLU


       If EnSURE™ Touch only reads 0 RLUs with a CalCheck, Calibration Control Kit, or when you intentionally grossly contaminate a Hygiena™ ATP test device (ie. swab your hand) it is likely the shutter has become dislodged or stuck. This can happen if the instrument is dropped without the protective case on or if liquids are trapped in the read chamber, leaked into the shutter compartment and caused the shutter to become stuck. Most likely you need to send the instrument in for repair. However, we would like you to verify the shutter is stuck before sending in. Follow the instructions below to verify the shutter is stuck. 


How To Troubleshoot a Stuck Shutter on EnSURE™ Touch

  • Go to Quick Test     
  • Place a Calibration Device (CalCheck or Calibration Control Kit) or Hygiena ATP device (activated or unactivated) into EnSURE Touch and shut lid. 
  • Run Test 
  • During the 10 second count down around the 4-3 second mark and 2-1 second mark you should hear the shutter open and close. If you do not hear any mechanical click, it means the shutter is stuck. 


If you still need help click here to submit a ticket for technical support.