EnSURE Touch Powers Off During Operation


If your EnSURE Touch powers off during testing, it may be caused by some of the display and power settings.  This article will show you which setting could potentially cause the system to power off and how to adjust them to avoid powering off during use and conserve battery life.


The EnSURE Touch has several features that will help you manage when the instrument automatically powers off and when the instrument turns off the display.  These features include the brightness of the display, the time the instrument waits to turn the display off, the time it waits to power off once the display has been turned off, and daily reoccurring time the instrument will power off. Effectively adjusting these settings to suit your needs will prevent testing interruptions and increase the battery life of your EnSURE Touch.

Display Brightness

The brightness slider will allow you to adjust the Brightness level of your display.  Reducing the Brightness will converse battery life.  If you want to maximize your battery life, set the slider to lowest point that allows you to clearly view the display.

Display Timeout

Timeout is the amount of time the EnSURE Touch waits before powering the display off when the instrument is idle.  By default, the EnSURE Touch waits one minute before powering off the display.  If you find that you need to frequently tap or swipe the display to keep the display active, increase the duration of the Timeout setting.  The higher the duration, the longer the instrument will wait before powering the display off.  Increasing the amount of time the display stays active will increase battery usage.  If you want more battery life, decrease this time interval to conserve power.  The Timeout setting can be adjusted to intervals ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. We recommend setting the display timeout to 10 minutes for new users.

Power Off After Display Timeout

After Display Timeout is the amount of time the EnSURE Touch waits before powering off the instrument after the display has timed out.  By default, the instrument will wait for 10 minutes before powering off after the displayed has timed out.  If you want your EnSURE Touch to stay powered on longer, increase the time interval for this setting.  If you want to conserve battery life, decrease the time interval for this setting.  The After Display Timeout setting can be adjusted to any time interval in minutes and the feature can be disabled if needed.

Power Off Daily At

The Daily At setting allows users to set a time to automatically power off their EnSURE Touch every day at the set time.  By default, this feature is disabled.  Setting a time at which the instrument will power off daily can help users extend battery life by avoiding the instrument running while not in use.  This feature is helpful for managing battery life when the After Display Timeout setting has been disabled or set to large very large intervals.

Navigating to Display & Power Off Settings

  1. From the Home Screen, tap the Settings app.

  2. Tap General from the list of available settings.
  3. Tap Display & Power Off from the list of available general settings.
  4. To adjust the Brightness, tap and drag the slider left or right.
  5. To adjust the Timeout setting, tap the drop-down menu and tap the desired setting.
  6. To enable or disable Power Off After Display Timeout or Power Off Daily At, tap the toggles to the right of each setting.
  7. To adjust the After Display Timeout setting, tap the number under the setting. Enter the number of minutes you want the instrument to wait before powering off.  Then tap Done.
  8. To adjust the Daily At setting, tap the time under the setting and set it to the desired time using the Set Time pop-up menu. Tap Done after setting the time.
    Note: The Power Off Daily At setting is disabled by default, tap the toggle to the right of the setting to enable it.

If your instrument is powering off unexpectedly and changing the settings detailed in the article did not resolve this, you may be experiencing issues related to power and charging.  See our related article regarding potential charging issues and solutions by clicking the link here.

If you require additional help with your instrument, please contact Hygiena Technical Support by clicking the link here.