Calibration Checks in Simulation Mode

EnSURE Touch offers a simulation mode that allows users to simulate equivalent RLU readings from another ATP luminometer.  Calibration checks allow users to verify the accuracy of the instrument using calibration devices like the CalCheck or  Calibration Control Kit.  This article will discuss how simulation mode affects calibration checks and what values users should expect for passing results.

Calibration Checks

Under non-simulated, or native settings, the positive test range for calibration checks are 130—230 RLU for Calibration Control kit and 255—345 RLU for CalCheck.  The negative test range is 0—4 RLU for an empty chamber, inactive ATP test device, or negative control rod from the Calibration Control kit.  Simulating another instrument does not change the RLU values to the simulated instruments values during calibration checks.  Users should expect RLU values within the respective target ranges previously mentioned, even while simulating another instrument.  For instructions on how to perform a calibration check, please see this instructional video.  For more information regarding calibration targets, please see the Calibration Target Comparison section of the EnSURE Touch manual.

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