Customizing Columns & Filtering

Make sure to always click the disc icon to save your changes. Any user(s) you may have added or removed will not be committed unless you click this icon when done.






You can right click any column in SureTrend to bring up a context menu of various filtering and sorting options. Click directly on a column to switch between sorting ascending or descending. The Filter Editor will allow you to create advanced filters displaying only the specific entries you wish to see. You can filter entries using a combination of variables and conditions.


1. Hover over a column to display the filter pin. Click it to filter an entire column by specific entries contained within it.

2. After clicking the filter pin you can choose from a list of entries in that column to filter by.



You can drag names around to reorder them or right click User Name at the top to find more sorting options. Be sure to click Save to commit any changes you have made.