Import / Export Units

Export Units

Clicking this icon will export your unit to an XML file which can then be saved in a safe location as a backup or transferred to another device or SureTrend installation.

Exported units should be imported into matching SureTrend versions. For example exporting a unit in SureTrend may not import into SureTrend successfully. Exported Units from SureTrend can be imported into SureTrend regardless of Build number.

If you are trying to export and import XML files to and from different versions of SureTrend (i.e. to then you want to do so through the Import Data feature of SureTrend.

Import Units

Clicking this icon will import your unit from an XML file and add it to the SureTrend database. This will copy over the unit name and serial number as well. If you are intending on copying this data to another unit in SureTrend after importing the XML file continue with following the steps on Transferring Unit Data for copying a unit. Choose to copy from the unit you just imported to any other unit you choose.