Calibration Targets Comparison

The chart below compares baseline calibration values across Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus, EnSURE Touch, and EnSURE devices.

As shown below for the EnSURE Touch, acceptable ranges for CalCheck are between 255 and 345 and for the Calibration Control Kit: between 140 and 220. If your results appear within this range your device is operating correctly and within specifications.

Note on Variance

Wondering how we come up with the Lower and Upper targets displayed in the chart below? Simply, we account for variance. The more factors that we account for in our baseline calibration the larger the variance range of numbers become.

Take the EnSURE Touch CalCheck range of 255 to 345 as example. To achieve this variance range we account for various factors that can effect results such as differences instrument to instrument, differences in CalCheck to Calcheck, how you are orienting the device while using it, environmental conditions from 5ºC to 30ºC, and even factors like user error. All these variables get considered while using the device and thus create the ranges you see below. So as long as your calibration results land within the acceptable ranges below you can be assured they are accounting for all factors that can effect your results, even in the field.


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