Introduction to The Cloud 

SureTrend Cloud is the most innovative data analysis software available for ATP Testing & Environmental Monitoring. It is built upon the decades of knowledge and expertise of the Hygiena™ team and receives frequent software updates (as often as twice a month) with new features and enhancements that are driven by the feedback we receive from our customers. This guide is intended to walk you through setting up and using SureTrend Cloud. It should be used in conjunction with the other resources and articles on Hygiena Help. If you have questions or need help, reach out to us here.


It’s all about the site

SureTrend Cloud allows you to designate sites to help organize data. A site represents a physical geographical location or facility. The main site of your company (i.e. your headquarters) should be set up first. Below is an example of how you could set up your STC account.



The manager or main contact of this location is responsible for creating the SureTrend Cloud account. After they create the account, they add users from their site and managers of other sites who can then invite other managers and users.


To add and manage SureTrend Cloud users, go here:!/userManagement