Failing Calibration for EnSURE & SystemSURE

Troubleshooting and Solutions

  1. Reading chamber need to be cleaned if it is contaminated.
    • Insert your finger into the chamber and lift it out.
    • Soak in warm soapy water, rinse and completely dry it before replacing it back in the meter.

Click here for instructional video.

  1. Remove any additional labels with the original product.
  2. When activating the CalCheck, if the light turns red or remains dark, replace the battery in the CalCheck. CalCheck use specific kind of batteries “Panasonic”. Click here for more info.
  3. If the flap is not tucked, the lid will not completely close, allowing light into the read chamber. Simply re-tuck the rubber flap down and make sure the lid is closing completely.

Click here for instructional video.

If you still need help, please contact Hygiena Technical Support: