Getting Started with EnSURE Touch


Congratulations on receiving your new EnSURE Touch luminometer.  Follow the steps below to set up your unit and register it to SureTrend Cloud, Hygiena’s data analysis software.

Step 1: Setting Up your SureTrend Cloud Account

Go to!/ and select Create new account

Fill out User and Company information.

You’ll receive an email from with a link to set up your password for SureTrend Cloud. After you’ve set up your password, navigate back to the login screen to login.!/

*Remember to bookmark the login screen for SureTrend Cloud


Step 2 Turning on and Setting Up Ensure Touch

Plug your EnSURE Touch into a wall outlet using the cables included in the box and let it charge for 15 minutes. Push the power button once on the top left of the unit to power it on. If you see the screen illuminate slightly, then the instrument is powering on and you do not need to press the power button again. If it’s not turning on, long hold the power button for 15 seconds.

Note: Hygiena™ charges the EnSURE™ Touch to <30% in accordance with lithium battery shipping requirements, but the battery may lose charge during shipping and storage. EnSURE Touch is capable of turning on and operating while the battery is drained, as long as it is connected to a power source.

Select Language (if English, select the next arrow)

Set Up Wi-Fi

Enable Wi-Fi by toggling Enabled “On”

Select your network and enter password if needed

Step 3 Registering EnSURE Touch to SureTrend Cloud

Once you’re logged into SureTrend Cloud, you’ll be greeted by the welcome screen.  Click the red box to register your EnSURE Touch to your account.

Name your EnSURE Touch and click next. This will be used to differentiate it from other instruments on the account. If you have multiple sites on your account, select the site to which your EnSURE Touch should be registered.

On EnSURE Touch, enter the username and code displayed on your computer:

The status on SureTrend Cloud will change from “Pending” to “Successful” when registration is complete.

Select your industry

Select Test Type
Select any additional test types you will be conducting in addition to ATP on EnSURE Touch.  Available test types can be adjusted later in Settings.


Tap “Let’s Get Testing”


You are now ready to begin testing or programming your EnSURE Touch.

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