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SureTrend Excel Import Template


In order to use this template effectively you may do one of two things to import your data into SureTrend:

  1. Copy the headers from row 1 of this template to your exported SureTrend Excel file making sure you make any headers in your exported file match the ones from this template exactly. Spacing, punctuation and capitalization matter!
  2. Remove the sample data from this template leaving only the headers in row 1. Copy and paste the data from your exported file into each column carefully. Be sure to be mindful of spacing, punctuation and capitalization as formatting matters! After inserting your data into this template you should be able to import it into SureTrend.

Using this template requires a minimum of SureTrend version to use. It will not work with SureTrend or earlier.

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Release date:November 18, 2018
Last updated:November 19, 2018
Current version:1.0.0
Product type:Excel Spreadsheet
File format:.xlsx
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