SureTrend 4

Where is my SureTrend 4 database located?

By default, the database is located in this folder: C:\ProgramData\Hygiena\SureTrend and is called suretrend. It is a .sdf file.

You can verify where you are saving your data to in SureTrend 4 before backing it up by opening the software and clicking the Admin tab at the top of the program. Click Server Configuration Setting tab on the left. If your Config Type i set to SQLCe then you should see the location of your database in the Database Name box. Go to that location and backup that file before proceeding with any sort of SureTrend uninstallation or upgrade.

Does SureTrend support Virtual Desktop or RDP?

SureTrend can run on a Windows Terminal Servier (RDS), Citrix, or other VNC software that will remote the COM port from the server to the desktop. Since SureTrend is running on the server, but the unit is connected to the desktop COM port, communication to the Unit is directed over the network. If your network latency is too high you may get COM port communication failures that require you to repeat the synchronization process with the Unit. Also, the SureTrend feature that automatically detects the COM port will not work and user must know the COM port used on the desktop.

Does SureTrend support virtualization?

SureTrend will run on virtualized versions of Windows supported by SureTrend as long as the virtualization software supports COM ports or USB. Some users are running Windows 7 or 8 on their desktop computer, but spend most of their time in a Windows XP mode session to support other legacy applications in their organization. Having SureTrend run in the Windows XP mode helps the user stay in the Windows XP mode and not have to switch to the native desktop just to run SureTrend. You may use SureTrend in virtual machines created by tools such as VMWare.

Is there a version of SureTrend 4 for Mac?

SureTrend 4 was built for the Windows operating system only. It will not work on Mac hardware, even if installed in a virtual machine (VM) as there is no USB driver for Mac.

Can I run SureTrend 4 on a tablet?

SureTrend can only be run on tablets running a Microsoft Windows operating system. This does not include Windows RT and Windows S as those operating systems do not allow for the use of desktop-grade applications.

For a full list of software and hardware requirements click here.

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Locations / Users / Plans are not syncing to device

In order to have new programming data (i.e. locations, users, plans, date/time changes) sync over to your device you need to choose Complete Process on the Sync tab and make sure the Erase Results box is checked. Keep in mind you will lose all results currently on the unit unless you sync them prior to doing this. On the units tab make sure you see the red text, Unit data has been modified… If you do not see this text try adding a dummy location or plan to initiate a response from SureTrend and then delete it. You can then sync and the changes will be sent to your device.

I have synced results but can’t see them

Always verify the results you are trying to see in SureTrend actually exist on the device first! Make sure the data and time is correct on your unit. When batteries die or are replaced the data and time resets. If you take results with an incorrect date/time and sync them they could get lost in SureTrend amongst other results.

Be sure you do not have any filtering in place that could be limiting what you see. Make sure your syncs were successful and the sync log shows data was actually imported from the device.

I am seeing results that aren’t mine

You most likely have been setup to a shared database. This means you can see synced results of other people connected to the database and they can see anything you sync as well. There is no way to prevent this, but you can use filtering to limit what you see to only what you care about. When working with reports, create custom reports and only include the units, users, plans or locations that interest you so the rest are not shown.

Maximum location name length

Location names in SureTrend can hold up to 20 characters. This restriction (not present in versions of SureTrend prior to version 4 ) is in place due to the devices only being able to display up to 20 characters on screen.

Device and software limitations


  • 5000 maximum locations
  • 200 maximum users
  • 100 maximum plans
  • 250 maximum locations per plan


  • 2000 maximum results